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Specialists in moving and storing the supplies that keep your business running

Murphy operates over 3 million square feet of warehouse space between Minnesota and Missouri. We work with clients of all different types from startups to Fortune 500s. Our warehouses are set up to handle products of all different types safely and efficiently.

All of this allows us to be a logistics and warehousing solutions provider for a variety of industries, with a special emphasis on Food Logistics, Industrial Logistics, Medical Logistics, and Consumer Goods Logistics. If you work in these industries we can certainly offer solutions for you, so read below to learn more, or contact our team to discuss your specific needs.

Food and food ingredient companies are Murphy’s largest customer base. We are Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified and perform regular product safety audits.


Our team of experienced warehouse employees handle any type of product from standard building materials to oversized freight, leaving your materials in reliable hands.


Murphy’s food-grade certified warehouse makes the ideal, clean environment for medical customers. We work with medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, components, and more.


Murphy helps customers store, distribute, and ship product to large retailers, at-home-consumers, and all in between.


Logistics and Warehousing for Other Industries

When your business counts on the success of on-time deliveries, you need a logistics and warehousing partner that can offer end-to-end solutions. As an asset based carrier, Murphy Logistics offers every solution you could need including 3PL brokerage and third-party logistics, last-mile delivery, and custom distribution such as rail logistics.

While we specialize in the industries listed above, we’ve been offering Logistics and Warehousing solutions for years, so we have vast experience with many other industries as well. Whatever your industry, let Murphy provide the solutions you need with professionalism and reliability.

With our own fleet of equipment, we are poised to carry your products and supplies throughout the entire logistics chain to ensure consistency in your business. With multiple warehouses throughout the midwest offering custom storage, we can not only move but also store your goods safely and securely. Our fulfillment & distribution services are the perfect solutions to guarantee your stock and on-time delivery. Even when international logistics are involved, we’ve got you covered. 

Discuss your logistics and warehousing project with our team today through the link below.